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Welcome to In-Tuition - a place where your child can be shown the way to success in their learning, regardless of level, ability and aspirations. In-Tuition is in the business of recognising that the 1:30 ratio in the typical classroom isn't enough for many students. 1:1 teaching and learning means that the 3 way collaboration between child-parent-tutor can result in a personalised learning plan that is intuitive.

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Pressure on pupils to do well in exams

Pressure on pupils to do well in exams has led to an increase in children being treated for anxiety, a psychologist has warned. Prof Tanya Byron said some pupils at top schools in London experience so much expectation from schools and their parents to do well they have developed a fear of going to school.

Michelle Holgeth: 8th Sep 2015 11:31:00


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